A complete system for consolidating your multi-partner victim services data.

Phoenix VS gives you a way to manage victim data from multiple sources. It can import automatically or manually and lets you manage your service from a single dashboard.

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Easily import data

Import victim data automatically from multiple organisations via an API or manually via a CSV on a periodic basis.

Provide ongoing case management

Link with E-CINS for ongoing case management if required, which enables practitioners to escalate cases.

Access a single dashboard view

Keep all activity together in one place and access profiles, reports, tasks and deadlines from a single view.

Manage referrals

Referrals can arrive into the system from a range of sources, including other partners, community hubs and self-referrals.

View an activity timeline

A victim timeline provides a chronological record that includes contact dates, contact method, user notes and time spent.

Automatically check for duplicates

The system automatically checks for duplicate profiles by using the first name, last name and date of birth fields.
Victim Services Desk

Create a multi-partner referral desk specifically for victim services.

Victim data and intelligence can be spread over many various organisations and sources, which can make managing the process very challenging. Phoenix-VS performs three important functions – it imports all the data into one place, consolidates referrals and lets practitioners handle each case efficiently. Ultimately, Phoenix-VS saves time and helps everyone to make more informed decisions.

Communicate with victims

Practitioners can contact and respond to victims via SMS, email, phone call or letter.

Joining up interventions so that the right information can be shared and the right support can be offered, at the right time.

By giving all local professionals access to a collaborative network, everyone is better placed to address the needs of the vulnerable people they’re connected with. When partners work together, they can build a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s situation and ultimately improve outcomes.

Single Dashboard View

Gain a  quick overview of all the latest activity via simple, single view victim services dashboard.

Our Victim Services Solution gives practitioners working with victims a sense of control by bringing all activity together in one place. A useful single view dashboard provides an overview of the various elements of the service, including: details of last data import, victim profiles (search/filter, status, timeline, geolocation), reports, tasks, deadlines, and assigned victims.

Gain an overview of what needs to be done and by when.

Tasks can be recreated and managed via the system dashboard, which enables teams to work collaboratively if required and monitor the latest collective progress.

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