The online mapping, social prescribing, research and directory application to improve health and wellbeing in your community.

NearMyStreet provides an online platform for councils, police, healthcare, voluntary, community and support services to empower people to improve their physical and mental health, find solutions to social problems and discover pathways out of offending.

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Empower people to seek help

Online forms help your community to report, engage and take the first steps to making a change.

Connect your community

Optional community forum for users to access peer to peer networks to help them engage and seek support from the wider community.

Improve health and wellbeing

Promote a wide range of social events, help, advice and support to build a healthier and stronger community.

Social Prescribing

Strengthen people’s ability to care for themselves and each other by facilitating their access to a wide range of voluntary and local services.

Improve day to day lives

Help people get support for physical and mental health issues or start the road to recovery from drug & alcohol addiction.


Empower people to access support for education, training and employment or help with accommodation, finances, benefits and debts.

Your site your way

  • Customisable interface that allows you to choose your colour scheme and upload your logo
  • Local scheme admin panel
  • Calendar for events
  • Listings for Event and Service providers who will have their own pages on the application
  • Ability for lead organisation to upload their logo

Analytics and Management reports that allow you to analyse and report how services are used, and gaps to be filled.

Ability to report on negative searches to help identify gaps in local service provision

Empowerment to make change

NearMyStreet has been developed following a series of focus groups involving young people and practitioners to find out what users needed from a community support application.

Designed to be used by all members of local communities and of all ages it can be linked to multiple existing websites to optimise use across any number of service providers at the same time.

Social Prescribing

Support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs.

NearMyStreet enables Social Prescribers, Link Workers, GPs, Nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services and to support individuals to take greater control of their own health.

Fully searchable and optimised for mobile use
  • Map events and services
  • Ability to search
  • Advance search features
  • Age/interest specific views for registered users
  • Map and Street View options
  • Map and List view options
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile friendly display compatible with Tablets, iPhone and Android phones
Engaging Community Hub

Integrating systems to maximise client relationship management and engagement.

NearMyStreet’s benefits go beyond simply improving the wellbeing of individuals. Through an innovative encrypted module called ‘MyPortal’ practitioners can securely engage with clients in realtime to securely share documents, surveys, support plans and action plans and clients can receive updates, text messages and secure communications from practitioners to help them through their support journey.

Through an inbuilt API MyPortal can be linked up to the E-CINS secure information sharing system for full case management.

The integration of these two systems revolutionises the practitioner/client relationship and engagement process by enabling practitioners to securely engage with their client base in a completely new way and in real time.

Members of the public can access their section of MyPortal where practitioners will securely share documents, surveys, support plans and action plans with them and they can receive live updates and text messages.

NearMyStreet empowers and engages people, helping to give them independence, while at the same time making the most of community assets.

๏ Arts & Crafts ๏ Volunteering/Community projects ๏ Entertainment ๏ Sports and gym-based activities ๏ Youth clubs ๏ Music ๏ Age related activities ๏ Fétes & Fairs ๏ Self-help groups ๏ Adult learning ๏ Knit and natter clubs ๏ Fishing clubs ๏ Gym-based activities ๏ Guided/health walks ๏ Gardening clubs ๏ Exercise and dance classes ๏ Befriending


Makes running an online Community Directory and Forum easier than ever.

We handle the development, hosting and back-end infrastructure management for you.

We host your application and community forum for you.

Fast, easy set-up and management.

No hardware or software to buy or manage.

Helps evidence and provide Social Prescribing.

Scalable solution; no long-term commitment.

No strain on your infrastructure and no internal IT support needed.

Great as a stand-alone solution or integrated with a larger project.

Hosted on high-performance servers that point to UK servers.

Low total cost, with savings on development, hosting and staffing.

Automatic backups.

Safeguarding measures built into the application and links to CEOP site.

Includes free telephone help desk and ticket support, user guides and video tutorials.

Registered users and Event/Service Provider login.

Built in event and service post auditing and weeding to ensure only up to date information is displayed.

Events and groups are automatically reminded to update activities, otherwise the system removes them.

We’re continually improving our products at no extra cost to our clients.

All of our products have been designed, developed and deployed using a ‘continuous improvement’ methodology. This means that you’ll receive updates at no additional cost.

Years of experience

Tried and tested

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