Automate referrals and deliver joined up wraparound support.

A gangs vulnerability desk creates significant time savings by automating your referral process. It also keeps all of your information in one place and allows your partners to collaborate around the needs of an individual.

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Comply with the GDPR

Share information securely without breaching the GDPR regulations. Our products are routinely assessed by GDPR specialists to ensure full compliance.

Empower victims and vulnerable people

Simple referral forms and a ‘one front door’ approach, empower victims and vulnerable people who would not usually report to the police.

Keep everything in one place

A management desk is a central hub for all your referral activity and removes the need for multiple spreadsheets and complicated processes.

Remove licence fees

As a not-for-profit, we’re working for the greater good. For that reason, all of our products are offered without restrictive user licences.

Work the way you like

We know that every team has developed their own way of working. That’s why all of our products are created in consultation with the people that use them.

Collaborate across borders

Tackle complex county lines by sharing information with practitioners in other parts of the country and within various approved organisations.
Encrypted Referral Forms

A better way to manage referrals.

Electronic public or practitioner-facing referral forms allow anyone to raise the alarm if they’re worried about a vulnerable individual being exploited by gangs. Each referral is then sent automatically into a management desk, which removes the need for messy spreadsheets and copying/pasting.

The forms can be password-protected to limit access to an approved list of organisations. Or alternatively, made publicly accessible via a local authority or police website.

Notify all teams immediately

Every referral triggers a notification to the relevant teams to allow further investigation to be carried out regarding the individual’s background, family and known associates. All relevant information is logged securely into the system.

With so much at stake, practitioners need a secure way to share important information.

By giving all local professionals access to a collaborative network, everyone is better placed to address the needs of the vulnerable people they’re connected with. When partners work together, they can build a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s situation and ultimately improve outcomes.

Advanced Case Management

Escalate cases quickly if they require full case management.

If a vulnerable young person and/or an offender requires additional ongoing support, their case can be transferred into E-CINS easily. Multiple agencies can then deliver the right kind of joined up interventions without relying on disparate intelligence held in siloed databases.

Scalable and licence-free

Our suite of products link together to keep all of your information in one place. From initial referrals, through to risk assessments and full case management, we can make life easier for you at every step.


A comprehensive end-to-end solution

Create a joined up response by sharing information across borders and with other agencies.

See the bigger picture by creating an environment where everyone knows what everyone else is doing in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Understand how your work fits together with other agencies’ and how it contributes to a larger vision for change.

Quickly and effectively wrap support around victims, offenders and vulnerable persons.

Encrypted referral forms coupled with a management desk allow you to quickly identify those with the greatest need.

Turn your assessments into easy-to-view graphical radar/wheel assessments to help give you an immediate snapshot of your customers’ needs.

Join up your information from existing systems by exporting/inputting your data via an E-CINS API.

Ensure multi-agency work is being accomplished by tasking and monitoring partner’s performance.

Save time and money by reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.

Provides secure access to information via handheld devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

E-CINS enables effective and efficient multi-agency management of the 5 Risk and Protective Factors to help reduce gang and youth violence.

Store all your information in one place and access it from anywhere.

Turn your data into statistics to measure against KPIs and determine whether or not benchmarks are being met.

Use your own data to produce comprehensive reports so you can evidence effectiveness, develop and strengthen your work.

Access a plethora of statistics and analytical data to help you predict and plan where you need to employ your future resources.

Design and build your own bespoke forms and risk assessments and send and receive automatic referrals pre-populated and ready to manage.

Improve security by reducing emails, phone calls and printing.

Save money by reducing duplication of effort and resources.

Intervene earlier to reduce offending and the possible break up of the family unit.

Take the strain off your own servers by storing your data in E-CINS’ IL3 environment in ISO27001, police audited data centres.

Access a dedicated helpdesk service, receive training material including e-learning packages and video tutorials.

We’re continually improving our products at no extra cost to our clients.

All of our products have been designed, developed and deployed using a ‘continuous improvement’ methodology. This means that you’ll receive updates at no additional cost.

Years of experience

Tried and tested

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