Make smarter decisions that are underpinned by an accurate set of real-time data.

Our data visualisation and business intelligence module is comparable with any leading analytical software. Its drag and drop interface makes it easier for practitioners and managers to create custom reports and monitor outcomes.

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Discounted rates

Our visualisation module is a proprietary solution that we can offer you at a heavily discounted rate.

Drag and drop

Once the data sources are in place, an intuitive drag and drop interface allows users to create custom reports and dashboards.

Industry leading performance

Due to its wide array of features, it’s popular among many leading private and public sector organisations.


A secure chat facility provides a way to share ideas and discuss the latest findings in real time.

Create multi-partner reports

Bring disparate data sources together and create joined up reports that provide an intelligent analysis across the piece.

Fully customisable

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and configure the tool so it gives you everything you need.
Joined Up Reporting

Bring disparate data sources together and set collaborative KPIs.

It can be tricky to analyse the performance of a multi-agency project or initiative when each partner has their own ring-fenced set of data. Our business intelligence tool allows you to report across the whole piece by bringing various datasets together from all the relevant sources. This gives managers the ability to set collective KPIs and report intelligently on joint outcomes.

Improving outcomes through collaboration.

By giving all local professionals access to a collaborative network, everyone is better placed to address the needs of the vulnerable people they’re connected with. When partners work together, they can build a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s situation and ultimately improve outcomes.

Total Flexibility

Create ad-hoc reports that provide realtime data on multi-agency projects.

The flexibility to create ad-hoc multi-partner reports is important – particularly with fast-moving projects and multi-agency initiatives. Our data visualisation module allows practitioners to easily create custom views that shed light on specific reporting areas. Ultimately, this improves decision-making as actions can be based on accurate live intelligence.

Free customisation

As part of our continuous development methodology, if the type of report you need is not currently available, we will endeavour to get it added for you at no additional cost.

We’re continually improving our products at no extra cost to our clients.

All of our products have been designed, developed and deployed using a ‘continuous improvement’ methodology. This means that you’ll receive updates at no additional cost.

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