Streamline your process for creating, filtering and acting on Anti-Social Behaviour Warning Notices.

The ASB Warning Notices Management Desk replaces your paper-based forms with secure online alternatives and gives you the ability to filter and auto-refer. Forms can be completed when on the move, which saves time and money.

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Replace paper-based forms

Your paper-based forms will be replaced by electronic alternatives, which saves time and enables the immediate secure storage of information.

Identify trends

Via E-CINS, you can produce reports that provide a range of useful information. These help leaders and analysts to identify trends.

Integrate with E-CINS

A management desk can automatically integrate with E-CINS. This is helpful when profiles need to be escalated for full case management.

Access on mobile

Forms can be completed via a mobile device or tablet, which removes the need to return back to your desk for administration.

Filter automatically

Warning notices can be filtered automatically or manually on several criteria. These include mental health, drugs/drinks and age.

Create automatic referrals

Referrals can be triggered automatically based on certain criteria. For example, you may wish to create an automatic referral for young people.
Secure Electronic Forms

Replace your paper-based forms with secure, mobile-friendly, electronic alternatives.

Most forces around the UK are still using paper forms to record reported incidents of anti-social behaviour. This creates several problems – ranging from extra administration through to an inability to filter the warnings as they arrive. With the Empowering Communities ASB Warning Notices Management Desk, all forms are electronic, so they can be completed while on the move. All information is then collated into a management desk, which allows for filtering and automatic referrals to partners.

No need to return to your desk

As our products are accessible on mobile and tablet devices, forms can be completed while an officer is away from their desk.

Joining up interventions so that the right information can be shared at the right time.

By giving all local professionals access to a collaborative network, everyone is better placed to address the needs of the people they’re working with. When partners work together, they can build a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s situation and ultimately improve outcomes.

Filtering and Automatic Referrals

Create detailed multi-partner reports without having to compile data from multiple systems.

The desk gives you the ability to filter warnings by a range of different criteria. For example, a practitioner may wish to identify the warnings relating to drink/drugs or mental health issues. In addition, the desk can automate a number of processes, such as referral to partner organisations. This means that you can trigger a home visit automatically when a set criteria is met. Or maybe you would like to send all youth-related warnings to an appropriate service.

Produce reports and highlight trends

Many practitioners and analysts often have to battle with manual forms and several spreadsheets when trying to run reports. As the management desk dovetails neatly into E-CINS, reports are much more readily available. This not only saves time but it also improves accuracy by reducing human error.

We’re continually improving our products at no extra cost to our clients.

All of our products have been designed, developed and deployed using a ‘continuous improvement’ methodology. This means that you’ll receive updates at no additional cost.

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