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Case Study

Community Safety, employment support and more in Barnet

Matt Leng, Community Safety Manager, London Borough of Barnet Email: Barnetcst@barnet.gov.uk Community Safety Barnet commissioned E-CINS for Community Safety Case Management and Community Safety functions in January 2017.  It remains the only…

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Developing systems to create solutions

Our I-REDS methodology (Identify, Refer, Engage, Divert, Support) is about empowering communities by establishing a solid foundation to support those most at risk and in need within your community. The…

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Northamptonshire Leads the Way 
with Fully Integrated 
Multi-Agency Neighbourhood Management Solution Across the County

Northamptonshire is fully committed to the utilisation of E-CINS across the county which enables Northamptonshire Police, County, Borough and District Councils to work fully in partnership with multiple agencies and…

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Cross-Border Information Sharing around 
Unauthorised Encampments

Teams in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire are working together to make the best use of E-CINS in the cross border management of unauthorised encampments. Teams will be using E-CINS to…

Case Study

E-CINS – Managing Travellers and Unlawful Encampments

by Colin Booker, Police Community Support Officer and Gypsy/Traveller Liaison officer for Sussex Police on Chichester District.  My day to day work revolves around dealing with low level crime and…