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Case Study

Using E-CINS for Prevent – Peterborough

We recently spoke with Claire George, Head of Peterborough’s Pupil Referral Service and Safeguarding and Prevent Lead for Education for Peterborough, about how they use E-CINS on a Strategic and…

Case Study

Safeguarding in relation to FGM

We recently spoke with Claire George, Head of Peterborough’s Pupil Referral Service about how their use of E-CINS helped them to gather evidence that was instrumental in leading to the…

Case Study

Early and Preventative Intervention to Safeguard Vulnerable Children

We recently spoke with Claire George, Head of Peterborough’s Pupil Referral Service about their use of E-CINS and the benefits it offers around helping to safeguard vulnerable children in the…

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A proven solution to support young people and adults being criminally exploited, or at risk of exploitation, through gangs and county lines activity

by Gary Pettengell, CEO, Empowering-Communities Not-for-profit Social Enterprise, Empowering-Communities, are proud to be the chosen IT solutions provider to facilitate the Pan-London Rescue and Response County Lines project to support young…

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Facilitating collaborative working to help safeguard, manage and reduce rough sleeping and homelessness

by Gary Pettengell, CEO, Empowering-Communities Are you managing your rough sleeper community effectively? How do recognise and manage the high risk generated around these complex cases? How successful is your…

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Announcing our I-REDS Methodology

I-REDS (Identify, Refer, Engage, Divert, Support) is about empowering communities by establishing a solid foundation to support those most at risk and in need within your community. The IREDS principles…

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Empowering-Communities and Clouds End CIC work together to provide a solution for the referral, management and support of people who Hoard

Empowering-Communities are proud to be working with Clouds End CIC to enable multi-agency support for people who suffer from hoarding disorder or chronic disorganisation @WMHDay    #WorldMentalHealthDay Heather Matuozzo, Director…


How E-CINS is assisting Devon and Cornwall Police with Deferred Charge Scheme

In June 2017 Devon and Cornwall Police introduced a new initiative aimed at challenging, and changing, the behaviour of first time offenders with the aim of preventing and diverting people…

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Community MARACs- Sharing and Solving Complex Risk

by Paul Dunn, Programme Manager, Empowering-Communities Attending this year’s conference Resolve ASB Annual Conference reconfirmed to me just how complicated and varied the anti-social behaviour (ASB) agenda has now become….