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Announcing our I-REDS Methodology

I-REDS (Identify, Refer, Engage, Divert, Support) is about empowering communities by establishing a solid foundation to support those most at risk and in need within your community. The IREDS principles…


Successful ISO9001 Surveillance Audit for Empowering-Communities

Empowering-Communities are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed an annual surveillance audit for BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in relation to our ISO 9001:2015 Certification which…


National E-CINS Forum
 and Working Groups Launched

by Gary Pettengell, CEO Empowering-Communities and Founder E-CINS Several schemes and users have identified the need for a National E-CINS Forum and I am pleased to announce that this will take…


Empowering-Communities Passes Rigorous G-Cloud 9 Application Process

Empowering Communities has been accepted onto the government’s latest G-Cloud 9 framework. Following a meticulous application process, five products are now available to procure directly. G-Cloud 9 makes it simpler…


How we calculate public sector savings. Taking a pragmatic evidence-based approach avoids publishing figures that are wildly optimistic.

When budgets are being cut everywhere, it’s important to make decisions based on evidence not guesswork. But the question ‘how much will this save’ isn’t an easy one to answer….


Designing better government forms by learning from the GDS.

Over the last few years, the GDS has been quietly improving the reputation of government web forms. What can be learnt from its approach? Poor usability can create a range…


5 ways to improve how your team see the big picture

With the Government Digital Service (GDS) calling for greater collaboration between policy and digital staff, how can you help your team to see the proverbial wood for the trees? It’s…


What’s in a name? The ever-growing need for ‘verb services’

The journey should take us from point A to B in a few clearly labelled steps. But as we all know, the reality can be a complex game of departmental…


Thank you for supporting 10 years of Empowering-Communities

It was the year of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the rebuilt Wembley Stadium opened to the public for the first time and Celebrity Big Brother was…