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Announcing our I-REDS Methodology

I-REDS (Identify, Refer, Engage, Divert, Support) is about empowering communities by establishing a solid foundation to support those most at risk and in need within your community. The IREDS principles…

Case Study

E-CINS Assists in Modern Day Slavery Operation in Nottinghamshire

On 21st November 2017 Nottingham City Council’s Community Protection (CP) dept’ Safer Housing Team and Tasking & Intelligence Team, along with CP funded Nottinghamshire Police Officers and the HMRC supported…

Case Study

Northamptonshire Leads the Way 
with Fully Integrated 
Multi-Agency Neighbourhood Management Solution Across the County

Northamptonshire is fully committed to the utilisation of E-CINS across the county which enables Northamptonshire Police, County, Borough and District Councils to work fully in partnership with multiple agencies and…