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Case Study

Increased Security and Data Protection Compliance

Empowering-Communities’ Heather Ette spoke to Phil Priestley, Cambs City/South Cambs/Hunts NPT SPOC, Cambridgeshire Constabulary HE: When did you first start working with E-CINS? PP: I first encountered E-CINS more than…

Case Study

ASB Case Study

By Sgt Justin Howard, Peterborough South NPT, Cambridgeshire Constabulary The Problem We had a Community Protection Warning Letter which was provided to a family where there was a female constantly…

Case Study

E-CINS in the NPT

Police Sergeant Justin Howard uses E-CINS in Peterborough South NPT to store and record information and to collaborate with partners.  Justin said “I already had some experience of E-CINS as…

Case Study

Providing Tailored Support to Divert People from Reoffending

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have been successfully using E-CINS to run a Conditional Cautioning initiative aimed at helping low-level offenders make amends for their crimes and avoid a court hearing. Empowering-Communities’ Heather…

Case Study

Using E-CINS for Problem Solving

Empowering-Communities spoke to PC David McIlwhan from Fenland NPT about the benefits of using E-CINS for problem solving: ‘We have used E-CINS in Cambridgeshire for a number of years now….

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A proven solution to support young people and adults being criminally exploited, or at risk of exploitation, through gangs and county lines activity

by Gary Pettengell, CEO, Empowering-Communities Not-for-profit Social Enterprise, Empowering-Communities, are proud to be the chosen IT solutions provider to facilitate the Pan-London Rescue and Response County Lines project to support young…

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Announcing our I-REDS Methodology

I-REDS (Identify, Refer, Engage, Divert, Support) is about empowering communities by establishing a solid foundation to support those most at risk and in need within your community. The IREDS principles…


How E-CINS is assisting Devon and Cornwall Police with Deferred Charge Scheme

In June 2017 Devon and Cornwall Police introduced a new initiative aimed at challenging, and changing, the behaviour of first time offenders with the aim of preventing and diverting people…

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Community MARACs- Sharing and Solving Complex Risk

by Paul Dunn, Programme Manager, Empowering-Communities Attending this year’s conference Resolve ASB Annual Conference reconfirmed to me just how complicated and varied the anti-social behaviour (ASB) agenda has now become….