Our products are helping hundreds of organisations to share data securely, work more efficiently and provide targeted help where it’s needed the most.

Our products are licence-free so you can add as many users as you need without incurring extra costs.

Our methodology is built upon intelligent collaboration and secure information sharing. So by offering you our products on a licence-free basis, we hope that it encourages you to involve all of your partners.

Many software providers will charge you based on the number of users, or seats, you wish to add to a system. However, this only serves to restrict the potential for collaborative working and often means that every team operates in a different way. Our product costs are transparent and the more people that you invite, the more money you’ll save collectively.


Secure collaborative technology for people with a duty to share.

E-CINS provides a secure, GDPR compliant, cloud-based hub where you can meet, manage and collaborate in real time. It can be accessed remotely via the web on any device, so partner agencies can share information without installing any software.


A leading case management system locked down to your area only.

E-CINS Solo is for those looking for a robust and comprehensive case management system that’s accessible only by a single region or organisation.


Securely communicate and manage clients in real time with collaborative tasks and in-built messaging.

MyPortal enables practitioners to share documents, set tasks and communicate with their clients via an encrypted login area and SMS. It helps practitioners to improve the way they deliver a client’s support journey.

Data Visualisation & Business Intelligence

Make smarter decisions that are underpinned by an accurate set of real-time data.

Our data visualisation and business intelligence module is comparable with any leading analytical software. Its drag and drop interface makes it easier for practitioners and managers to create custom reports and monitor outcomes.

Keep Safe

Get support to a vulnerable person that’s gone missing quicker with the Keep Safe scheme.

Many families live with the constant anxiety that a vulnerable relative, such as someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, may go missing. The Keep Safe scheme helps the authorities to get support to a missing vulnerable person quicker and easier.

ASB Warning Notices Management Desk

Streamline your process for creating, filtering and acting on Anti-Social Behaviour Warning Notices.

The ASB Warning Notices Management Desk replaces your paper-based forms with secure online alternatives and gives you the ability to filter and auto-refer. Forms can be completed when on the move, which saves time and money.

Gangs Vulnerability Desk

Automate referrals and deliver joined up wraparound support.

A gangs vulnerability desk creates significant time savings by automating your referral process. It also keeps all of your information in one place and allows your partners to collaborate around the needs of an individual.

Phoenix VS

A complete system for consolidating your multi-partner victim services data.

Phoenix VS gives you a way to manage victim data from multiple sources. It can import automatically or manually and lets you manage your service from a single dashboard.

SDA Gateway

Create one single application process for multiple payments.

A system and methodology that combines three application processes into one. By doing so, it reduces administration, combats fraud and helps to ensure that applicants receive their correct entitlement.

Key Individual Networks

Helping teams to efficiently develop and maintain secure Key Individual Networks.

The KINS product encourages participation via public-facing registration forms. It also lets practitioners quickly find the contacts they need via an intelligent search feature.

Encrypted Referrals & Triage Management Desk

Save at least 1 hour per referral and provide a secure customer gateway to a range of different services.

Public-facing or Practitioner-facing encrypted Referral Forms replace your paper-based forms with secure online versions that are fully customisable, giving you the ability to capture much richer data sets and save time and resources.