Product Features

Our solutions are built from a suite of products that work together to deliver a fully integrated end-to-end process to improve outcomes.

Our methodology of Identity, Refer, Engage, Divert and Support (I-REDS) gives local authorities, the police
and their partners a means to take their community engagement and support of vulnerable people to a
new level.

The I-REDS process helps all practitioners and the public to identify those at risk and improve outcomes by enabling support to be wrapped around them quickly and effectively.

Encrypted Referrals

Practitioners such as police officers, teachers or members of the public can complete an encrypted referral form that is securely accessible via a link without the need to log into a system. These encrypted referral forms support existing referral processes and enable richer data set capture at the referral stage.

Referral and Triage Management

The encrypted referral forms auto populate the Referral & Triage Management Desk, saving 100’s of hours in administration time. These totally customisable Desks enable interactions and decisions to be recorded as well as giving practitioners the ability to communicate with their clients via sms.

Case Management

If a vulnerable person, victim and/or an offender requires full single or multi-agency case management, they can have their cases transferred into E-CINS. Integration with existing case management systems is available. Linking the Referral Desks with E-CINS enables positive action to be taken at an earlier stage improving outcomes and early intervention work.

Secure Public Portal

The Empowering Communities secure module, ‘MyPortal’ gives practitioners a secure way of communicating with their clients. This includes sharing a calendar, documents, Action Plans, tasks and encrypted messages.

Data Visualisation and Intelligence

Every EC Connect Referral and Management solution comes with a free Data Visualisation Tool. This is worth £500 per annum and is an intuitive, high performance, self-service tool. It makes it possible for system users and analysts to discover new opportunities, make better decisions on a timely basis, and find answers to questions as they arise.