The UK’s leading provider of secure, multi-agency, cloud-based systems.

Nationally, across the public sector, we’re applying proven methodologies to solve complex problems that require an intelligent partnership approach.

For almost 20 years, we’ve helped the public sector to collaborate for the greater good. Our systems are proven to help teams solve complex problems by working together intelligently. We’re proud to provide the UK’s most widely used multi-agency case management and collaborative support systems.


Empowering-Communities is a social enterprise in the G-Cloud Framework on the Digital Marketplace. ISO 27001 accredited for the design, development, hosting and processing of multi-agency systems and data. It is also ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.


All data is securely hosted and processed in-UK based, ISO 27001 accredited, Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF) data centres.


As Empowering-Communities are a not for profit Social Enterprise, E-CINS is offered non commercially. This means there are no individual user licences and no limits on what you can use the system for.

Support & Training

We have a team of in-house experts who work with schemes to help them achieve the most from using our systems and processes. This support includes advice, consultation, guidance and networking.

Our multi-agency case management system, E-CINS, is used extensively across the UK. This makes it easier to share information securely across borders.

Across the country, practitioners are using our systems to tackle serious societal issues, including: Anti-Social Behaviour, Domestic Abuse, Gangs/Serious Youth Violence, Hate Crime, Integrated Offender Management, Keep Safe, Modern Day Slavery and Safeguarding.

Years of experience

One suite of products to manage an individual’s entire journey.

Our products help you and your partners to provide the right kind of joined up support. From the minute an individual enters the system, information can be stored securely on a single shared record.

People are often complex and have multiple needs that require various forms of support/interventions. Often, this leads to different parts of an individual’s data being stored across several records in separate databases. Our products and systems give you the ability to create a single shared record that tells the whole story.

Secure public or private referral forms

We provide many organisations with public-facing or practitioner-facing referral forms . These collect information quickly and pass it directly into a triage management desk.

Triage desks for collaborative decision-making

A secure, GDPR compliant, triage desk allows all appropriate partners to decide on the best course of action for a victim, offender or vulnerable person. It’s an efficient way to manage referrals from several different sources.

Multi-agency case management

If required, cases can be escalated for full multi-agency support via our E-CINS product. Online forms make it easy to capture information from all sources and build a complete picture of an individual’s needs and risk factors.

Two way communication with clients

While cases are being managed, often there’s a need to communicate with any client directly. MyPortal gives practitioners the ability to do so via a simple and highly secure interface.

Get in touch

To arrange a demo or to discuss how our suite of multi-agency products can help your organisation, please contact us by using the form or by contacting us:

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