About Us

As a not for profit Social Enterprise, we create products on a non-commercial basis that are designed entirely around your needs, rather than our own profitability.

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We’re motivated by societal change and take our responsibilities very seriously.

Empowering-Communities’ policy has never been and never will be to use or onsell data to anyone. We are not a marketing company.

We’ve worked hard to achieve several accreditations and develop a reputation for being the UK’s leading provider of collaborative web technology. Our ability to think beyond our sales targets, has led to the creation of a suite of tools that are changing lives in every region of the UK.

ISO 9001

We’re ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, which should give you total peace of mind regarding the integrity of our systems.

Nationally Recognised

Our flagship product, E-CINS, is the UK’s most widely used multi-agency case management and collaborative support system.

ISO 27001

We’re also ISO 27001 accredited for the design, development, hosting and processing of multi-agency systems and data.

Secure Data Centres

Our data centres have been audited under the National Police Accreditation Policy PASF.

Our suite of powerful licence-free products are making a real difference across the country and beyond.

Our aims are focused on driving societal change so we encourage you to involve all of your partners. Every product will be provided to you on a licence-free basis, so you never have to feel restricted by additional costs. Collaborative systems work best when everyone can play their part.

National Forums

We run several national forum events which cover topics such as Modern Day Slavery and Anti-Social Behaviour. By working with us, you gain access to a wide network of experienced practitioners.

No Risk Free Trial

We know that teams and organisations save far more money by using our Encrypted Referral Solutions than they cost. This is why we offer a no risk 6 month trial with no costs incurred if you choose not to continue. 


We provide a fully staffed support desk along with a comprehensive set of training materials. Our implementation support and consultation process follows a well established and proven model. This makes the transition from an existing system, or the introduction of a new solution, a smooth seamless process.

Digital Marketplace

Empowering-Communities products and solutions are available on the UK’s G-Cloud Framework and Digital Marketplace. This makes it easier for UK customers to buy our solutions without running a full OJEU procurement process each time.


Working hard to change lives.

From day 1, all of our work has been based on principles that extend beyond renumeration. We’re looking to create a better society by encouraging a smarter, more collaborative way of working across the public and third sectors.

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously developing our systems and work proactively with our user community. Many updates are released completely free of charge, so your tools will improve without any additional charges.

Breaking Through Silos

A multi-partner response overcomes the complexities related to labelling people as box A, B or C. An offender can also be a vulnerable person and information should be kept together in one record to build a fuller picture.

Working With You

Unlike many other providers, we’re not trying to “reinvent the wheel” as we understand that forcing a new way of working on you will only create barriers. Instead, we seek to design tools that dovetail neatly around your current processes.