Community Safety, employment support and more in Barnet

Matt Leng, Community Safety Manager, London Borough of Barnet

Community Safety

Barnet commissioned E-CINS for Community Safety Case Management and Community Safety functions in January 2017.  It remains the only recognised product that can deliver a web-based, secure case management process for multiple partners involved in tackling Crime and Disorder that meets the legally required security standards of the Home Office and is ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) compliant.

Barnet’s Community Safety team received and logged over 600 cases during the period 2018-2019 against the previous year of 118 new cases.

The use of E-CINS covers the following areas of work:

  • Community Safety Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (CS MARAC)
  • Complex Anti-social behaviour cases
  • Unauthorised Encampments
  • Members Enquiries for the Community Safety Team
  • Environmental Crime Investigations (Fly tipping)
  • Case reviews for Waste Enforcement
  • Integrated Offender Management
  • Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs)
  • Prevent and Channel case management

The system currently has 204 users contributing to the case management of partnership work to tackle crime and disorder in Barnet.  All Barnet police dedicated ward officers and Sergeants are registered users enabling direct case management interactions with the Council’s Community Safety Team.

Employment and Wellbeing

E-CINS was originally brought into Barnet to manage the BOOST project for the Council as part of the initial project roll out in 2015. BOOST is part of ‘Working People Working Places’, a community based multi-agency pilot for employment and wellbeing, initially funded by West London Alliance with Brent.

How is E-CINS used by BOOST?

Initial sign up to project –  report

Set up client records – profile

Keep case notes/action notes – case

Reporting including providing data for independent project evaluation

Around 2,200 clients signed up on system

39 users from BOOST or Taskforce registered on the system

Potentially Violent Persons

E-CINS is being prepared to deliver the Potentially Violent Persons Register for the Council.   It is also being explored for use by the Council’s Adults Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) but this is in the early stages of consideration.

There have been recent changes to the policing structure locally which has created the Tri Borough Police Command Unit which includes Barnet, Brent and Harrow.  E-CINS is already being used by Harrow’s Community Safety Team and in Brent for Rescue and Response.

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