ASB Case Study

By Sgt Justin Howard, Peterborough South NPT, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

The Problem

We had a Community Protection Warning Letter which was provided to a family where there was a female constantly flagged up as a perpetrator of ASB along with her children.

The problem escalated to the point that Officers spoke to her directly and issued her with a Community Protection Warning Notice.

The Solution

Information and actions were recorded and tracked on E-CINS and the Council and the Police followed up the case by carrying out a joint visit.

All agencies involved in the case put their information on to E-CINS so that everyone knew what was happening in relation to interventions and progress and this helped to gather evidence.

The shared approach meant that the Police could task agencies that were more suited to deal with specific problems such as the Council, Schools or Family Services for issues such as children’s safeguarding.

This enabled the Police to make better use of their own time but to also track that actions were being carried out by the most appropriate agency,

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