A proven solution to support young people and adults being criminally exploited, or at risk of exploitation, through gangs and county lines activity

by Gary Pettengell, CEO, Empowering-Communities

Not-for-profit Social Enterprise, Empowering-Communities, are proud to be the chosen IT solutions provider to facilitate the Pan-London Rescue and Response County Lines project to support young people being criminally exploited, or at risk of exploitation, through gangs and county lines activity, that provides an immediate and flexible service for those young people being exploited. 

The solution provided by Empowering-Communities consists of an encrypted referral form that automatically populates a Referral and Triage Management Desk that links to our national multi-agency case management and collaboration system E-CINS.  This enables community safety teams and their partners to refer, safeguard and support children and young people who are vulnerable and caught up in county lines drug distribution networks across the region.

Empowering-Communities’ solutions break down the barriers to information sharing, creating the opportunity to offer support almost immediately to a person in need by sharing the right information at the right time and tasking other agencies to deliver their services in a secure multi-agency environment.  Our software is focused on the person, empowering those partners within the community to create actions designed to reduce the risk of harm and avert crisis situations.

Equipping partner agencies to work virtually in the ‘now’ within a secure paperless environment, our software can:

  • provide an efficient encrypted secure paperless process that allows for information to be shared in real time
  • enhance and support practitioners’ existing processes
  • identify risk much earlier
  • enable the capture of richer data sets
  • increase and improve outcomes in a multi-agency setting, across boroughs, borders and nationally
  • allow for detailed single assessments to be shared between partners and relationship trees to be developed alongside the opportunity to journey map and bring about a person-centred approach
  • create an efficient and faster process to help the person at the centre of need
  • save time and money

We have developed a proven methodology called I-REDS that enables practitioners to identify, refer, engage and divert young people away from crime and deliver holistic support through targeted multi-agency interventions.  Each product that fits into the I-REDS methodology can be used in isolation or combined to create an end-to-end solution. You can find out more here

Empowering-Communities’ national multi-agency case management and collaboration system, E-CINS, has been successfully assisting partnerships including police, education, health, social services, housing, youth services, and victim services for over 15 years to securely share data and information pertaining to a range of complex issues including offender management, anti-social behaviour, child sexual exploitation, modern day slavery and restorative justice.

E-CINS is already assisting counties across the UK to provide a multi-agency response to tackling gangs. Working with police, schools, pupil referral units and youth agencies in their early intervention work by helping to identify those most at risk and putting effective measures in place to improve outcomes.

Empowering-Communities CEO Gary Pettengell said “The Government’s overarching message is that tackling County Lines and serious violence is not a law enforcement issue alone, it requires a multiple strand approach involving a range of partners across different sectors.  Our I-REDS methodology gives all local professionals access to a collaborative network, meaning everyone is better placed to address the needs of the vulnerable people they’re connected with. When partners work together, they can build a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s situation and ultimately improve outcomes.  Furthermore, we know that every local area has developed their own way of working and often have their own legacy software. The I-REDS solution has been designed to work with team’s existing systems and processes and is completely cloud-based, maximising participation so that everyone can get involved to provide a joined up, co-ordinated approach to tackling gang violence”.

For more information about our Serious Youth Violence solution click here

We are planning to host a webinar to inform and advise organisations about our Serious Youth Violence and County Lines solution and I-REDS methodology, how it assists in the identification, referral and engagement of clients and how it can help divert and support young people away from criminal activity and exploitation.  If you would like to register for this webinar or would like any more information on how we can assist you please do contact me at gary@empowering-communities.org or Tel: 01493 858768.

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