Problem Solving, Tasking and Outcome Measurement with E-CINS Action Plans

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 14.15.10(1)E-CINS now has a built in, totally customisable Action Plan that can be used for problem solving or risk/harm reduction.

The Action Plan can be person-based, family-based or location-based and the user can decide the time frames. The user can create a simple Action Plan or create one with criteria, outcome and measures which in turn drives statistics.
Action Plans can be linked to report or case files and can have access permissions added to it for extra security and Data Protection controls.
The E-CINS Action Plan also allows the user to Task (action) individuals you are working with or other users from each issue or concern.
There is also an ability to add updates to an Action Plan enabling you to review and keep your plans live through to the achieved outcome with an option to inform team members when the plan is finalised and closed. The history and updates are stored on the Action Plan so team members have a complete overview of the plan’s progress.