Strategic and User Group Meetings

E-CINS in Northants is currently governed by a Strategic Meeting but to facilitate with the operation of E-CINS across county a User Group was introduced with the following aims:

  • Ensure E-CINS is used as the primary ASB case management system across the partnership as per ASB Countywide Strategy.
  • Increase the use of E-CINS within organisations already signed up.
  • Increase the number of relevant and appropriate organisations using the system.
  • Maximise use of resources by encouraging tasking across the system and use of notifications.
  • Develop a clear and agreed criteria for all partners using E-CINS, to ensure consistency in creating and managing information/cases.
  • Establish possible IT solutions and/or best practice from other organisations to prevent double keying being a blocker to use the system.
  • Agree a naming convention and monitor for compliance.
  • Clarify and communicate a clear process around consent to share information.
  • Ensure risk assessment matrix is completed for all ASB victim & perpetrator profiles (as per 1.5 & 2.5 of the ASB strategic action plan).
  • Ensure that all SPOCs are accountable for maintaining their team’s access and use.
  • Prepare a refresher training package that covers use of notifications, tasking, risk assessments, SPOC/ lead agencies, consent etc.
  • Ensure all agencies are aware of the need for a change in the consent status when there is a transfer of ownership of profiles.
  • Research national practice for creating profiles on E-CINS for the use of Restorative Justice.
  • Develop a communications plan to enable regular updates and information about E-CINS.
  • Develop and communicate the approach for ensuring E-CINS is overseen, managed, monitored and regulated.
  • Develop a train the trainer process for future 
E-CINS use.