National Scrap Metal Database Reduces Thefts

National Scrap Metal Database Reduces Thefts

All Northants boroughs and districts are signed up to the National Scrap Metal Dealers (SMD) database on E-CINS.

British Transport Police (BTP), which has led a taskforce tackling metal thefts, is running this database. Nationally the number of thefts from, or connected to, railways has come down significantly since the introduction of the SMD database.

The main reason this database was adopted in Northants is to improve the way scrap metal licences are managed and to share information with the boroughs and district councils locally as well as nationally. As part of the process all existing and new dealer licences are recorded and managed on E-CINS and shared with the relevant authorities.

E-CINS helps by saving time on inspections (of scrap metal premises) as the information can be uploaded straight on to the system via any device such as mobile and tablet devices with no paperwork involved.

The information held on E-CINS can be used for evidence building, for providing information which can lead to the refusal of licenses and can assist in the prosecution process.

The system promotes improved communication and enables the licensing team to effectively manage and share information locally as well as nationally.