E-CINS Updates June 2016


E-CINS is now live in every county in England and Wales and has over 10,000 practitioners. Here are some of the most recent initiatives E-CINS has been involved in:

Prevent and Channel Panels

Cambridgeshire now run their Channel Panel meetings on E-CINS. The County Councils have a legal responsibility to lead and chair these meetings. Read more about this here or watch our video guide on how E-CINS can be used for Channel Panels:

SafeLives Drive Project for Domestic Abuse Perpetrators

Read more about this initiative here

The MARACs in the three pilot areas of Essex, South Wales and West Sussex will refer perpetrators through to the the SafeLives head office where they will create perpetrator profiles and cases for each pilot area to manage.

CSV (spreadsheet) import tool

We have developed a CSV victim import tool that forms part of a new Victim Services Desk Management System we are developing called Invictus. Please call the Empowering-Communities Team for more information on 01493 858768.

New E-CINS Galleries

• Football Spotting:

• Rehabilitation

• Frequent Attendees to Custody

Child Sexual Exploitation

Northamptonshire are in the process of writing their training guide for using E-CINS for CSE. Health were given a presentation and they are happy to use E-CINS which will have a positive impact for all schemes nationally. As well as the management of their vulnerable persons they will be using E-CINS for their daily multi-agency tasking meetings and their 2 weekly team meetings.

North Wales are also going live for Modern Slavery.

People presenting in crisis under the Welfare Reforms

Scheme Lead: Kate Green, Derby City Council – read more about this project here

Unemployment projects

Now live in Barnet and Melton Mowbray

How to run a meeting on E-CINS

Watch our video guide here

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Module

The Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Module gives a complete overview of all taxi companies, drivers and escorts and is now live in Solihull. It also enables the recording of training delivered to each driver and escort.

Upcoming Events

15th June

West Midlands Regional licensing training day and E-CINS Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle module presentation

21st June

London Borough of Bexley E-CINS presentation

23rd June

Utilities provider vulnerable persons project 28th June

Kensington and Chelsea E-CINS training day

29th June

North Wales Modern Slavery multi-agency E- CINS launch

30th June

Shropshire E-CINS meeting

1st July

Community MARACs on E-CINS meeting

5th July

Keep Britain Tidy Conference Birmingham E- CINS presentation

6th July

Cambridge council E-CINS presentation to explore expanding their use of the system

7th July

Keep Britain Tidy Conference London E-CINS presentation