Month: December 2013


Speaker – Gary Pettengell, E-CINS Founder, Empowering-Communities

Gary is the founder of Empowering-Communities, a self sustaining, not for profit social enterprise. He has worked on several local, national and international crime reduction and community engagement projects for…

Case Study

Staffordshire IOM & Prison use of E-CINS

by Sgt Martin Steventon, Staffordshire IOM Staffordshire IOM is now using E-CINS to work even closer with ten prisons in the Midlands Region; these prisons manage around 85% of the…

Case Study

Dispelling the Double-keying Myth

“The time savings we’ve been able to make since using E-CINS has been enormous. We’ve been able to significantly cut down the time we spend on data entry and searching…