Count Me Out Alcohol and Gambling Self Exclusion Programmes

The Count Me Out systems of Alcohol and Gambling Self Exclusion have an important role to play in helping to prevent the break-up of the family unit and people turning to crime in order to fund their addiction.  The system can be monitored by, amongst others, Health Care Professionals, Outreach workers, Domestic Violence Teams and their support staff and it also has a role to play within the Troubled Families Initiative as it allows co-ordinators to signpost individuals who would benefit from self-exclusion. Information provided by the wider community will act as an early warning to many organisations allowing for early intervention and prevention procedures to be put in place.   For example, domestic violence perpetrators and their partners can easily drop off the radar as far as support workers and statutory bodies are concerned and in many cases do not come to light again until situations have spiralled out of control, in many cases with violent consequences. If in this situation alcohol or gambling is a trigger then by self excluding the perpetrator has effectively asked the wider community for help. If the organisations monitoring the Count Me Out systems begin to see reports of self exclusion breaches, i.e. where a self excluded individual has attempted to purchase or consume alcohol, early intervention measures can be put in place.

Providing Support Networks for Problem Gamblers and their Families

Empowering-Communities to meet with RGSB on Self Exclusion

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