‘E-CINS is of significant strategic importance to the country’

by Gary Pettengell, Founder and MD Empowering-Communities

In March we are having a meeting to brief a government department on E-CINS. This is because in their words ‘E-CINS is of significant strategic importance to the country’.

I have been asked ‘why you?’ or ‘how have you managed to achieve what people said or thought couldn’t be done?’ The simple answer is that right from day one I knew that technology alone wasn’t enough. Empowering-Communities is much more than just a not-for profit software provider. E-CINS is a marriage between technology and our desire to help and empower victims, communities, vulnerable people and their families.  And E-CINS is testament to this.

My team and I also knew that for a system to be successful in the real world of practitioners, development must be; fast, decisive, practical, implementable and implemented.  So obviously I am pleased that E-CINS is starting to get the recognition it deserves because our work has never been about money or wealth generation. It has always been about doing the right thing. The development of E-CINS has motivated and empowered practitioners. By applying our non-commercial principles we are maximising participation to solve community problems that we will have a positive impact on peoples lives.