Opening Address from ACC Julian Blazeby, Staffs Police

Summary of the Day’s Events

“We’re also looking at using it for restorative justice and neighbourhood panels too so actually I think the limit for what E-CINS can he used for is our imagination” ACC Julian Blazeby, speaking at the opening of the conference

Mr Blazeby welcomed everyone to Staffordshire Headquarters to the first National E-CINS user conference saying “What a great opportunity it is for us all to be able to get together in one place at one time to discuss best practice and drive forward the E-CINS agenda. We think we’re on the cusp of something very exciting… Today’s about getting involved in the discussions, it’s about your ideas, pushing the boundaries, challenging and making a real difference”.

Mr Blazeby continued “I knew Gary when I worked in Norfolk before E-CINS took off and it’s important to note that E-CINS only came alive less than 3 years ago, from Gary, the founder, talking to the Home Office on the 29th June 2010, going live in January 2011 to where we are today with 14 police forces, fire and rescue services, district councils, borough councils, other agencies and city councils talking about how we can use this in a multi-agency, multi-functional role.

The growth of E-CINS is very exciting and we now have the opportunity to take it to the next level. It’s expanded massively since Gary’s initial idea in Norfolk to potentially the Met taking it, with numerous police forces and other agencies making it ‘business as usual’.

Here in Staffs we’ve been using it for the last 12 months and the team have really embraced the concept, particularly in the case of IOM with 720 offenders on the IOM books it’s making a real difference. We’re now starting to look at how it can be used for troubled families by the county council and city council in Staffordshire. We’re also looking at using it for restorative justice and neighbourhood panels too so actually I think the limit for what E-CINS can he used for is our imagination. The good thing about it – in comparison to some of the off the shelf products – is that we in Staffs have been able to work with E-CINS development to suit us. You can’t always do that with off the shelf products so there’s a real strength in relation to that.”

Mr Blazeby then went on to talk about Information Sharing and Staffordshire’s view “I know Information Sharing is a concern to us all in terms of different areas and how we pass information. My view on that is that we need to be sensitive to information sharing, of course we need to protect information, but it cannot be a barrier to making a difference to vulnerable people, people in need, victims and indeed of managing offenders. Sometimes it’s used as an excuse,“we can’t share information because the sensitivities around it”. Put all those people first and how we can make a difference to peoples lives and actually that does start to cut through some of the information sharing channels.